Learning Blog on Specials

1. Chinese Studies
I learned how to write and read lots more Chinese characters, I learned how to play Chinese chess, I learned lots of tricks, so it is easier to go against other people, but it is still very hard, you have to use your mind a lot for this game, Chinese chess can last up to a few hours. I learned how to read more Chinese characters too.
2. Art
In art, I learned how to use different colors, how to add texture, and how to add shades and tints. We did a Great Ape Portrait project. Now in art, I'm doing this video projects with other three people about the Great Ape Portraits. Next year, my goal in art is to use more different colors, because I always use purple, blue and green, so I should add more colors, and change my color choices a little bit.
3. Music
In music, I learned how to play different song on the xylophone, and to read notes. I think I have improve a lot on my reading skills is music. We sang lots of different song, and we watched videos about different famous composers.
4. P.E.
I learned how to do more gymnastics movements, I learned how to play basketball, and how to shot baskets, I learned how to play floor hockey, and the tricks to get a goal in. I think, I should practice my running skills more, because if I run a lot, I will get very tired and all stressed out.
5. Counseling

I learned a lot about being nice to other people, and how to deal with bullies. We learned and read about different bullying, we also did lots of plays about bullying, so we can actually feel how the character really feels in real life. We also learned about left brain and right brain, if you use your left brain most, you are very good at studying and remembering stuff, but if you use your right brain, you like to be risky.

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